Nevada Computer Center started as a billing service for water conditioning companies in 1967. Dealers all over the United States and Canada would send their work orders and receipts to Nevada, Iowa where our key punch operators would enter the data into an IBM 360 mainframe computer. At the end of each month Nevada Computer would mail the billing for our customers direct from Nevada, Iowa.

    With the invention of the personal computer in the early 1980s, we developed a stand alone version of our software. Since that time we have constantly added new features and sometimes even new technology to help fill a need that our customers had expressed to us. Nevada Computer is committed to keep our customers on the leading edge of technology. WaterFlex for Windows, introduced in 2002, is a demonstration of that commitment.

    With the development of our WebFlex web interface and On-line Statements Nevada Computer continues it’s software development with an eye to the future needs of our customers. WaterFlex users can depend on Nevada Computer to provide professional training, support and continual software improvement.

    Nevada Computer has WaterFlex users all over the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Companies as far away as Alaska and Hawaii in the West and from Nova Scotia to the Grand Cayman Island use WaterFlex to operate their businesses.


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