March 2014

RouteFlex 6.0 for Android Handhelds

Our RouteFlex handheld delivery software is now available for Android tablets and smartphones.

So, what’s new in this release?

The Android operating system – obviously. This will enable you to use many different devices from smartphones to tablets to run RouteFlex. We have tested the software on several different smartphones and tablets with great success.

Incremental and cumulative pricing on the device – With the Palm based software you were limited to a fixed unit price for a product. RouteFlex V6 fully supports incremental and cumulative pricing for both transaction codes and override pricing.

Customer Notes created on retrieval – If a driver makes a note while on route, a customer note will be created during the retrieval process.

Equipment installed/removed is reflected in WaterFlex – The equipment records from WaterFlex are loaded on the handheld, so equipment installed or removed using the handheld will be reflected in waterflex after retrieval.

Smartphone Integration – If you tap on the phone number on a customer screen, the phone dialer will be displayed with the number entered for you to make a call.

Google Maps Integration – If you tap on the map icon within RouteFlex the Google Maps app will be launched with the selected stop pinpointed. Note that you will need a device with an internet connection (smartphone with a data plan, or a wifi hotspot in the truck), and the Google Maps app installed for this feature to work in the truck.

Email receipts – You can email a receipt to your customer from the device.

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