Auto Debit– Electronic Banking   

  Bottled Water Companies today find it convenient and  necessary to  offer check and credit card acceptance. Of course, receiving those checks in the  mail at the beginning of the month in response to your billing  statements is a gratifying experience. It also puts a strain on your office staff to manually handle each check. They have to enter each  customer’s check into the computer to credit their account, then endorse each check, then enter each check on a  deposit slip, and finally take that deposit to the bank.  Entering 50,60 or more credit card numbers into a card terminal at month end presents it’s own set of problems with keying errors.   With Auto Debit the number is only entered once greatly reducing the chances for keying errors.

Nevada Computer’s Auto Debit program is a simple cost effective tool to increase timely payments by automating recurring billing utilizing the Electronic ACH network and the proven WaterFlex software program.  Money is automatically deducted from the customers’ checking, saving or credit card accounts.  Recurring payments are easily scheduled and one time payments may be taken by phone or fax

  Utilities like the power company, telephone  company and cable companies have known for years that having customers set for automatic  payment is the most cost effective approach to accounts receivable management.  It is  used  extensively by insurance companies, health clubs, and internet providers like AOL or MSN. 

   Nevada Computer’s  Auto Debit give you this same  capability.  You can automatically debit your  customers checking , savings  or credit card accounts.  Advances in electronic processing via the web have enabled Nevada Computer to develop a secure automated  system. Once you identify your auto debit customers within WaterFlex the software will   automatically debit their bank accounts or credit card and then post verified payments to  WaterFlex Accounts Receivable.

    Once you have Automated Auto Debit installed, you will have the ability to take an “E-check” by phone or fax.  Using the Online Virtual Terminal  you will be able to enter the bank routing and account number information from a customer’s check and process that check over the telephone.  This is a great tool for collection calls or payment in advance customers.  The Virtual Terminal handles both Credit Card and check transactions from a single platform.  It is easy to use and will look familiar to anyone who has used PC credit card processing  software in the past.



   Our Electronic Banking partner also provides “Click and Pay” services for our E-Mail Statements and our WebFlex website linking software Customers are given secure log ins and then have the ability to pay online by check or credit card.


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