WaterFlex Offsite Backup Service

What is the most valuable asset to your business? Without a doubt it’s your DATA.

Too often, businesses rely on an employee to back up the data to an external hard drive or burnable CD/DVD. While this backup is better than nothing, it can be risky. The employee may forget to backup the data or if your backup is corrupt, you could potentially overwrite your data with a corrupt backup.

Our backup service is an inexpensive addition to your current backup plan. Our offsite backup incorporates three essentials of proper back up procedures.

  • Backing up each day
  • Storing the backup offsite.
  • Retaining multiple restore points.

A backup stored in an office desk isn’t very secure and doesn’t accomplish anything in the event of a fire or break in.

A surprising majority of businesses do not have a reliable backup system. Whether it be due to budget constraints of implementing an in-house backup server or just being unsure of how to implement backups to avoid disaster, many business owners don't realize that they are placing their own livelihood in jeopardy every day by not having a secure backup system. Unfortunately, some learn the hard way and only after a disaster understand the importance of safeguarding their business data. Why wait for disaster and pay thousands of dollars for an attempt to recover the data from a failed hard disk when you can protect yourself for less than 50 cents per day?

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