Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the hardware requirements for running WaterFlex?
A: Any recent computer system should be able to run WaterFlex.
    For optimal performance we would recommend an Intel or AMD multicore processor with 2 gigabytes or more of RAM.
    A minimum of 4 gigabytes of available hard disk space is required for WaterFlex
  • A backup system of some kind. (Ex: External Harddrive, FlashDrive, Tape Backup)
  • One HP Compatible Laser printer and one wide carriage dot matrix printer with IBM Proprinter emulation, bottom feed with top pull tractor. (an Okidata 321 is a wide carriage example) If you are using MailFlex you may not need the wide carriage printer.

Q: On what platforms will WaterFlex run?
A: WaterFlex has been tested on the following platforms
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Windows Server
  • 2003 Pervasive Sequel Server is available for larger databases.

Q: What hardware do you recommend?
A: We don't. We have customers who are running on all kinds of hardware very successfully. If you are purchasing new hardware we recommend you purchase, not "the latest and greatest", but good value. You will pay a big premium for "the latest and greatest" and six months later it will be the value priced machine. Just be sure you get your hardware from a company who will stand behind it, in case you do have a problem.

Q: Why buy "industry specific" software when "off the shelf" accounting packages are easy to use and much less expensive?
A: Our "Industry specific" software "WaterFlex" is the product of many years of specialized programming targeted at the unique needs of the water business. Among its powerful features are flexible billing formats and multiple recurring billing options, industry specific customer data fields, equipment tracking, a powerful service module, a specialized delivery module, collection tools, reminder systems, a fully integrated customer call log and much more. All these useful tools have been built into one user friendly database, putting all that data at your finger tips. The result: improved customer service, reduced labor costs, increased revenue opportunities and reporting capabilities which enable more complete analysis of your business. In short WaterFlex delivers a big return on your investment , making it a great value.

Q: Why not have someone write a customized program specifically for my business? I know someone who can do it for less money and then I will have just what I need for my business.
A: The simple answer is that with Nevada Computer you will get better software and better support. We have watched many companies develop their own custom business software with varying degrees of success. Here are some things we have noted. Custom systems always cost a lot more money and time than budgeted. They inevitably will have fewer features than "industry specific" software, but those problems are not critical. The real problems with "custom software" concern support and product improvements. The older a custom system gets, the harder it becomes to get good timely support, and getting access to your programmer will be difficult and expensive at best. It sometimes takes a while, but we have found that companies who have developed custom programs, sooner or later end up converting to "Industry Specific " software. The economies of scale are with us. As a Nevada Computer Customer you will get to share the cost of programming, training, support and updates with hundreds of other water companies, everyone benefits.

Q: How much does WaterFlex cost?
A: Your cost will be determined by the following variables: If you buy optional software modules, how many users you have at your office and how many offices you have. With those variables in mind, the base cost for a single user single office system starts at $5,500 and is well worth the price. Training and support costs are not included. Nevada Computer offers both payment plans and rental options. System rental starts at $185 per month.

Q: Do you offer support? How much does it cost?
A: We are very proud of the quality of support we provide to our customers. We are convinced it is the best available in the industry. Nevada Computer has a full time staff of experienced support personnel, on duty Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm central time.

You will like the fact that our phones are answered by real people. You don't have to leave a voice mail and wait until you get called back. Support is required with WaterFlex and is priced on a per user basis starting at $90 per month. This fee includes unlimited toll free software support and software updates for WaterFlex. Support and updates are included in the WaterFlex rental agreement.

Q: How long does it take to get going?
A: It has been done in two weeks and it has taken as long as two years, but the average time is 2 to 4 months. Nevada Computer offers an unsurpassed training program to help make the transition as quick and painless as possible. The following services are provided to help facilitate the transition to WaterFlex:

  • A specific process designed by Nevada Computer, where your customer master file data is entered into WaterFlex prior to the start of training. There are two options: Hand entry of your customer data after specialized pre-load training or "fee based" electronic conversion of your customer data.
  • Prior to on-site training and start-up our training staff will work directly with you to insure that the system is set up to optimize your specific methods of operation.
  • Three days of on-site training at your office to give you a solid foundation in how to operate WaterFlex.
  • Extensive on screen help and a reference manual are provided to answer questions that may arise in the daily operation of your software.
Upon completion of your on-site training our professional support staff will be available to assist you with any problems or questions that may arise. Call (800) 767-6222 weekdays from 7:00am to 6:00pm Central time to speak with our support staff.

Q: Can you convert my current data?
A: Data conversion is at best an inexact science. There are issues which make the process less than perfect, among these are differences in: the programming language, data format, field length, etc… The best way to find out if an electronic conversation is a viable option for your company's move to WaterFlex is to send us a tape of your current data. Even with these problems, most of the time we can do it. The cost for an electronic conversion is based on how many hours it takes to do the work. Sometimes it is easiest and best to enter data by hand, in any case, be assured we will work hard to find the best option for your situation.


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