MailFlex Outsource Mailing Services

  • Professionally prints your statement on an 8½ X 11 form.
  • Bar code statement meets US Postal code regulations.
  • Includes a #9 single window return envelope.
  • Folds and inserts into a standard #10 dual window envelope.
  • Mails in 24 hours using First Class Postage.

MailFlex now offers Online mail statements!!

Check the 5 6 “Online Statements”  for more info.

Sample MailFlex statement

 MailFlex eliminates the aggravations of printing big runs of statements and invoices. 

         MailFlex eliminates:

  • Inventory of forms and envelopes
  • Hearing the printer run for hours
  • Running out of ink
  • Stuffing envelopes / paper cuts
  • Having enough postage
  • Standing in line at the Post Office
  • Extra help or overtime hours for staff


MailFlex may also be used to mail invoices and delinquent letters in concert with WaterFlex.  

 MailFlex stores 12 months worth of statements on the website.   There you are able to log in to  view and edit your mailings before their final processing.  You can also access any statements from the last 12 months and do a reprint or create a pdf file to  e-mail them to your customer.   

Retrieve 12 months of statements from

All these features come at a per piece price that may be less than your hard costs are today.  Call (800) 767-6222 and let us know how many statements you are currently sending. We can give you a quote and answer your questions.



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