MasterMapper is an Integrated Mapping tool for WaterFlex Using Microsoft MapPoint® .

Nevada Computer has interfaced our WaterFlex Management System with Microsoft MapPoint®  to optimize your delivery routes, service calls and customer set-up.

MapPoint® allows you to visualize your scheduled routes and service calls for more efficient travel. You can utilize MapPoint's route optimization feature to organize your routes and service calls to decrease time between stops and miles between stops. Ultimately decreasing wear and tear on your vehicles, add more stops to your routes and in some cases decrease the number of routes and trucks you have today.

MasterMapper will also assist you in assigning Call-In Deliveries or Priority Service Calls by showing you geographically where your route truck or service vehicles will be on a given day. Not only will you optimize your routes, but MapPoint® will give you turn-by-turn directions to get your driver to each stop faster. The maps are great for new drivers or replacement drivers handling an unfamiliar route.

MapPoint uses color coded pushpins to help you identify where your customers are,  show you where routes may overlap and other customers in a specific area to reference on sales calls.

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