PhoneFlex - Automated Calling Interface

With rising delivery costs, unproductive stops must be weeded out from daily routes.  Driving  miles, to find  a customer didn’t need to be serviced or forgot an appointment is no longer acceptable.  PhoneFlex downloads your scheduled routes or scheduled service orders into a compact Automated Messaging  Device that easily connects to your existing PC through a USB port.  

   There are 2 modes of contact in PhoneFlex.  In mode 1, customers will be automatically called with an automated message    reminding them that they have a scheduled delivery or installation 2 days from today.   

   The  2nd PhoneFlex option is interactive and  lets customers  respond during the phone call!  PhoneFlex actually allows  customers to respond to the call by using the numbers on their telephone handset. “Press One if you still want your scheduled delivery,   Press Two if you don’t require delivery.”  These results are then uploaded into the WaterFlex routing software.  

  PhoneFlex increases route and service efficiency by having customers called automatically on a schedule, not when your people can work it into to their daily schedule.


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