RouteFlex Handheld Delivery System


RouteFlex  Delivers:

Benefits for your office staff:

  Big “data entry” savings: Data is automatically transferred to WaterFlex reducing data entry and associated data entry errors.

  No more printing of delivery Invoices/ Tickets: Daily routes and sales information are automatically transferred to the handhelds. All Delivery Invoice/Tickets are then created and printed from the handheld eliminating this tedious and noisy job.   Only tickets that are needed are printed.  No more throwing away pre-printed tickets for customers who didn’t need any product.

Signature Capture and more:  Capture the recipient’s signature for proof of purchase.  Also any Purchase Order number can be provided on the ticket at the time of delivery.  The driver can easily reprint invoices from the handheld and once the data is uploaded a copy of the signed ticket is saved in WaterFlex.

 Savings on Delivery Invoice/ticket forms: The average cost to print a Delivery Invoice/Tickets with RouteFlex® is one penny.  Compare with the cost of your current Delivery Invoice/Ticket many companies realize a savings of several cents per form that translates into big savings.  And once again only the tickets that are used are printed!      

 Point and click  reprinting of  delivery Invoices/ Tickets :  WaterFlex allows your office staff  to quickly  find and reprint any delivery Invoice/Ticket with signature at future date.  No longer will you customer  service reps need to search through  file drawers,  pull Invoices,  and  make  copies before they can send a copy to the customer.    MailFlex customers may choose to have copies of receipts printed and  included with a customer’s month end statement.

  Enhance Route information:  RouteFlex® employs a truck check in/check out process, that includes starting & ending  mileage, bay-by bay  inventory entry, and equipment counted by serial number.    An end of day  report balances inventory and sales. Reports detail sales by product and reconcile charges, checks and cash receipts.

Delivery staff Benefits:

Easy  to learn:   Most route drivers don’t take very long to learn how to use RouteFlex® and soon come to rely on the tools and  information that the  handheld provides.

No more writing or calculations: RouteFlex®  relieves route drivers from hand writing tickets. The Handheld automatically does all calculation of prices, sales tax and bottle balances.  No more handwriting problems or simple math errors.

Enhance customer information: Route delivery staff can easily access useful customer information  including delivery history, delivery instructions, last payment,  current balance, aging, and next delivery date.

Will calls or off-route stops are quickly handled using RouteFlex®. Drivers can pull up and service any customer via name or account number.

Enhance Route information:  RouteFlex®  employs a truck check in/check out process, that includes starting & ending  mileage,   bay-by-bay  inventory entry, and equipment counted by serial number.   Installed equipment is available for each customer.         Equipment exchanges, set ups or pickups are listed. Route Delivery staff  can, at any time during the day, check the truck inventory.  An end of day report balances inventory and sales. Reports detail sales by product and reconcile charges, checks and cash receipts.

How RouteFlex Works

Each drivers route is downloaded from WaterFlex to an Android smartphone or tablet.   Before the driver leaves the beginning mileage is entered.  The driver will then count the products and equipment on his truck and enter those figures into RouteFlex.   When the driver has entered the truck's inventory into the handheld  he gives the handheld to a manager who verifies his count.  

As the driver leaves the warehouse the route's stops are listed in the handheld in the order the route is to be run. Delivery instructions, directions , purchase order numbers, telephone and other information can be found on the customer information page.


Sales screens are easy to fill in and complete.  The handheld contains the customers order list.  Items can be easily added/removed or quantities changed. Payments and signatures can also be recorded.

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