Water Treatment Company  

Customer Management

More than just having the customer information in one place, WaterFlex    organizes it in an intuitive and easy to find format.  You can view all current transactions right on the computer screen.   A customer call log allows you to classify each  incoming call, such as Service, Sales, Billing, Installation.  Calls are classified as completed or open and may be assigned to another employee.  With call log reports you will be able to monitor employee effectiveness in dealing with customer calls.       

WaterFlex allows for unlimited customer transaction histories, so you can go back years if necessary.  You are current everyday, so if a customer calls in you can tell them  their current balance .  You may fax or e-mail transaction histories and many other documents directly from WaterFlex.  You can also look up a customer by invoice number, work order, telephone number, last name, or  street address.

Included in the Accounts  Receivable  module is our "Tickle" Reminder System, which prompts you when a customer needs to be called on a promised payment or when you need to  schedule a filter change, or preventative pump maintenance.   The Tickle  reminder is proven method of organizing  recurring services where the customer needs to be contacted to set up an appointment. An Equipment file lists all the equipment a customer has by serial number, whether it is dealer or customer owned, and installation and warranty dates. WaterFlex also stores digital pictures of equipment installations in the customer’s file. Sales and rental documents may also be scanned and saved in the customer’s file removing the need to put the customer on hold and going to the file cabinet to find the document.  Along with room for multiple telephone numbers and the customers e-mail address, the customer file also has fields for bank information and credit card information.  A view/hide button keeps the information hidden until needed. There are an additional 23 fields that may be used for miscellaneous customer information. Customers may be classified by type.  Examples would be residential, government, industrial, medical etc. Products may also be classified. Top customer reports are available to see who your top customers by product or customer type.  


Salt routes or routes with salt, bottled water, filters and other products are  easily managed .  WaterFlex saves the scheduled route information for each  customer.   Each day WaterFlex  automatically creates delivery tickets for  customers with scheduled deliveries.  Will call orders are also included with the option of continuing the next scheduled delivery or bypassing it. 

   Truck load lists and Before/After Truck count  lists are available with the printing of the Delivery Tickets.  Delivery tickets, include  delivery instructions, last payment  and the last 3 previous deliveries.

   A variety of  Truck  Management Reports, including sales reports by route or driver.  Reports can be run by date,  week or month. Other reports deal with route  efficiency including,  mileage,  times,  number of stops and  missed deliveries by reason.    Thorough reporting capability is critical to efficient route management and you will get it with WaterFlex.

Service and Repair

   WaterFlex makes it easy and convenient to schedule service appointments.   As you create work orders in WaterFlex you are able to see which service people are available by day and time slots.  If this particular account requires a specific service person, you may also view an individual service person’s schedule. The built-in scheduler helps prevent scheduling conflicts by avoiding double scheduling because a repair person is assigned a time & date as the work  order is created.  Also service people can be informed of their future schedules in advance by printing the Scheduled Work Orders by Service Person.  When Work Orders are updated the start time and end time are noted.  This is then made available for management reports. 

   Service Routes may be routed on a regular schedule with several calendar schemes.   Work Orders may also be mapped with the optional Master Mapper.  Master Mapper will let you see where all your service will be on a map with different colored icons representing each serviceman.  Maps with turn by turn directions can be created for every service truck.

   WaterFlex will keep a complete service history on each customer and issue work orders.  When a customer calls in for a repair,  WaterFlex creates a work order for that service call.  The work orders not only detail the work to be done, but also directions on how to get there, the equipment that is installed, who did the  service work and what was done on the last 3 service calls.

       Service people no longer have to come into the office and sift through file cabinets and interpret handwritten orders to determine what was done and when. The work order has a self design feature that allows you to choose headings for 21 different  information fields such as test results, well depth and any other information your service people need to know.

  Tickle Service Reminders automatically reminds you when a customer is needed to be    contacted for recurring service such as filter changes or preventative pump maintenance.  Tickles may be set to automatically renew by month, week or year.  Labels are easy to create for post card reminders. An automated system helps increase your filter revenue by not     letting any customers that are due for a filter change slip through the system.  A customer can have up to 99 service reminders on their account.

    When you enter a piece of equipment into WaterFlex the serial numbers of the equipment will enable WaterFlex to track the equipment and always be able to tell you where it is located.  If a  manufacturer issues a recall WaterFlex can tell you where the equipment is located and on what invoice this equipment was on.  WaterFlex maintains a 5 18 service history on each piece of serialized equipment that is updated through the work order process.  Rental equipment is also included, so you may follow repairs as the equipment travels from one customer to the next.


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